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Empower Your Clients with LeadBox: The Ultimate Lead Transfer Solution

● Simple Connection in Four Steps: Effortless setup ensures your clients can start using LeadBox quickly. ● Flexible Configuration: Customize integrations without needing a programmer. ● End-to-End Analytics: Configure and track comprehensive analytics for deeper insights.
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Welcome to LeadBox, the service designed to streamline lead management and enhance CRM system efficiency for your clients. By partnering with LeadBox, you can offer your customers a powerful tool that helps them handle leads, saving time and optimizing sales processes. Here's how LeadBox can benefit your clients and why it's the perfect addition to their business toolkit.

How LeadBox Works?

LeadBox is a comprehensive service that seamlessly transfers leads from any source directly into your CRM system.

1. Collects All Customer RequestsLeadBox aggregates leads from various sources, including websites, online chats, Facebook lead forms, messengers, and quiz sites, directly into the CRM system. Integration with Webhook allows it to capture data from any source that can send information via Webhook.
2. Processes Leads Before CRM EntryLeadBox ensures ensures the implementation of various lead transfer scenarios: with duplication of deals or only with updating data in already existing clients. It intelligently distributes leads to designated sales managers and queues orders, ensuring no leads are lost due to CRM limitations.
3. Transfers Data on Successful Deals to AnalyticsThrough integration with Google Analytics, LeadBox transfers details of successful deals, including budgets, allowing businesses to track lead sources and their return on investment (ROI).

Partnership Program Benefits

Partners LeadBox
  • Free Affiliate Account:

    We offer our partners a complimentary account with full functionality to test LeadBox and demonstrate its capabilities to clients. This account is provided for six months and can be renewed every six months with the addition of one new client during this period.

  • Partnership Commission:

    Earn a 10% commission on every payment made by your clients for the entire duration of their use of LeadBox. Withdrawals can be made starting from a balance of $200. 

  • Support and Resources:

    As a LeadBox partner, you receive all necessary presentation materials and priority technical support to assist in setting up the service for your clients. Additionally, you have access to a comprehensive knowledge base and regular updates on new features and enhancements.

How to Become a LeadBox Partner


Submit Your Application and Schedule a Presentation

Fill out the form on this page, and we will contact you to answer your questions or schedule a presentation to familiarize you with LeadBox's features.


Sign the Partnership Agreement

Request the partnership agreement from our support manager. This will enable us to track your commission and grant you partner access to the dashboard.


Register Your Own Account on the Website

Create your account and request free partner access to it from our support manager


Register Your First Client

You can register your first client directly through your partner dashboard or provide a referral link (or a pre-generated promo code).


Withdraw Your Earned Commission

Withdraw your earnings once your balance reaches $100. Submit a withdrawal request through your partner dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

About Partnership

  • How do I register clients?

    ● Register them yourself through your partner dashboard.● Provide your client with your referral link.● Contact support via chat with the client’s details (name and login as registered in LeadBox) to have them assigned to you.

  • How do I become a LeadBox partner?

    ● Fill out the application form on the LeadBox partner page at leadbox.com.ua.● Watch the online presentation of the LeadBox service.● Sign the partnership agreement.● Register at my.leadbox.com.ua.● Request a free account from LeadBox support.

  • Is there technical support available for partners?

    Yes, partners can access support through:● Chat with a LeadBox support specialist in your account.● Knowledge base with necessary instructions.● Video tutorials on how to set up the LeadBox service.

  • Will I be able to see all my clients and their payments?

    Yes, after signing the partnership agreement and registering your own LeadBox dashboard, you will find your referral link and a list of clients assigned to you in the Partner tab. For each client, you will see their login, license expiration date, plan, last payment amount, and your earned commission.

  • How can I withdraw my partner account earnings?

    ● Withdrawals are possible once your partner account balance reaches 200$.● Submit a withdrawal request through your partner dashboard.● For international partners, payments are processed via SWIFT transactions.

  • Will I have free access to LeadBox?

    Так, для партнерів, що мають договір передбачено партнерський безкоштовний тарифний план з усім функціоналом але обмеженнями щодо кількості інтеграцій та об'єму лідів. Доступ безкоштовний надається на 6 місяців. Подовження відбувається кожні 6 місяців за наявності +1 нового клієнта за цей час. 

  • Do you work with international partners?

    Yes, we work with both international partners and clients. For international partners, withdrawals are available once the balance reaches $200, processed via SWIFT transactions or to a bank card.

About LeadBox Functionality

  • Who is the developer of LeadBox?

    LeadBox is developed and maintained by the LeadBox team. The service was created based on the company’s 8 years of experience in analyzing sales business processes and implementing CRM systems. This expertise ensures that LeadBox addresses the most common challenges businesses face when working with CRM systems.

  • Which services are integrated with LeadBox?

     Lead sources:● Websites: Wordpress, Tilda, Horoshop, Weblium, and any site that can send data to Webhook.● Quizzes: Type Form, Marquiz.● Online chats and messengers: Jivosite, ManyChat, Telegram Bot via Webhook.● Social networks: Facebook Lead Form.● Data parsing from email messages.● Webhook: Integrates with any service that can send data to it.
    Analytical sources:
    ● Call tracking data: Binotel.● Analytics: Google Analytics 4.
    A complete list of services can be found in our knowledge base

  • Which CRM systems can receive leads from LeadBox?

    Currently, LeadBox has ready integrations with:● Pipedrive● KeepinCRM● Baselinker
    In development:
    ● Salesforce● Uspacy

  • What is the cost of the LeadBox service?

    You can find information about the pricing plans on the LeadBox website at Leadbox.com.ua.

  • Do I need a programmer to set up integrations?

    No, you do not need a programmer to set up lead source and CRM integrations in LeadBox. However, you might need a specialist to place the necessary script on custom-built websites or to configure data sending to Webhook. Everything else can be done without programming knowledge by following the instructions.

  • How can I build end-to-end analytics with LeadBox?

    By integrating LeadBox with Google Analytics, you can collect UTM tag data and Google Client ID in your CRM system. When a deal is won, this information, along with the deal budget, is sent to Google Analytics as an event. This allows you to create detailed reports on traffic sources in Google Analytics, including traffic channels and expenses.

  • Why choose LeadBox over similar services?

    LeadBox offers a significantly lower cost compared to similar services while providing smart lead transfer to CRM systems. Its features include:● Checking for duplicate contacts in the CRM.● Verifying the existence of an active deal for a contact in the CRM.● Configuring lead distribution among managers according to business processes.● The ability to merge and update fields in deals according to specified scenarios.
    These features make LeadBox the best option for upgrading your CRM system without involving programmers.

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