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The service for transferring leads from any source to your CRM-system

● Simple connection in four steps● Flexible configuration of integrations without programmers● Ability to configure end-to-end analytics

What can LeadBox do?

It collects your new leads in your CRM-system and distributes them among the sales managers according to the business process of your company. And after processing the deal, it transfers information about it from the CRM system to Google Analytics for
construction of end-to-end analytics.
Interesting? Then let's take a closer look ....


Collects all requests from your customers

LeadBox can transfer leads from websites, online chats, Facebook lead forms, messengers, and quiz sites to CRM. And due to integration with Webhook, it can get data from any source that can send data to Webhook


Processes leads before sending them to CRM

LeadBox checks the presence of each new lead in CRM by phone number or email, to avoid duplicates. It distributes all leads to a group of managers of your choice. Queues orders so none are lost due to CRM limits.


Transfers data on successful deals to analytics

Due to the integration with Google Analytics, LeadBox can transfer a successful deal with its budget to analytics and track not only which source brings the lead, but also the payback of that source.


What are the benefits of using LeadBox for every
department of your company?

For the sales manager

● Time savings of up to 40% on searching and fixing all incoming leads in one place;● Understanding that the lead is repeated. It helps to build a dialogue with the client more effectively;● Linking orders from existing clients to a manager who has already communicated with this client;● Automatic filling of CRM system fields with information from the application for, which also saves time.

For TOP manager

● Ability to set up integrations with the necessary services quickly and without involving additional resources;
● Flexibility of settings for distribution of leads to managers - which helps in building motivation;
● Flexibility of settings of the entire service, which allows you to reproduce the standards of the company's business process;
● No loss of leads due to CRM limitations or manager inattention.

For a marketer

● The possibility to get the necessary utm tags of traffic sources for each order;● The possibility to choose the option to fix the source of traffic for the client: by the first touch or by the last one;● Receive Google Analytics data on successful deals, or achieved key stages of the sales chain with the value of these deals and save a lot of time on building end-to-end analytics.

LeadBox helps relieve sales managersreducing the time to process leadsandbuild end-to-end analytics foroptimization of advertising budgets

We work to make the service even more convenient and functional. Therefore, we provide users with:

Technical support 

We are always in touch and answer questions about the service during business hours in Telegram.

Development of integrations

The list of systems with which LeadBox is integrated is constantly expanding.

Update presentations

We are constantly expanding the capabilities of the widget, so we prepare special videos with all the updates.

Video Wikipedia

We have developed step-by-step videos for setting up the service, if you decide to do it yourself.

People can lie.Data from "LeadBox" - never

Fill out the form - we will give you a service presentation.

Tariffs of LeadBox

The indicated price is a subscription fee for using the service (monthly).Minimum payment - 3 months. When paying for longer terms, we give bonus months.



per month

 ● number of LEADs - up to 500 per month● number of units of received data - up to 3,000● number of connected integrations - up to 5● order history storage both transferred to СRM and pending - up to 30 days● update time - up to 5 minutes● distribution of deals into managers● order queues● priority of data transmission ● individual settings for the distribution of deals in the funnels of the CRM system● control of duplicates● parsing of letters● Facebook Lead forms



per month

● number of LEADs - up to 16,000 per month● number of units of received data - up to 30,000● number of connected integrations - UNLIMITED● order history storage both transferred to СRM and pending - up to 365 days● update time - up to 30 seconds● all functionality of the PRO tariff● additional technical support and the ability to refine the functionality at the client's request



per month

● number of LEADs - up to 3,000 per month● number of units of received data - up to 10,000● number of connected integrations - up to 20● order history storage both transferred to СRM and pending - up to 180 days● refresh time - up to 1 minutein addition to the STANDART functionality:● function of filters● transfer of data about the source of the call from Calltracking Binotel● transfer of data to Google Analytics in the form of an event with its value● sending SMS messages via AlphaSMS*

* Mass sms mailings are charged separately

━ Additional benefits

What is included in the price

You use all the possibilities, functions and performance of the service. We take care of the creation, placement, finalization and support, offering you the option of a monthly subscription fee.

  • Guarantee of uninterrupted work

    We provide server hosting, code support, integration updates, troubleshooting. We guarantee 100% fixation of all applications.

  • Technical support

    We are always in touch and answer questions about the service during business hours. We provide all the instructions, advise your experts, help to understand the functionality, create an office and configure the logic

  • Flexibility of module settings

    We have already implemented a number of working and tested modules. Use them by configuring what you need.

  • Functional update

    Every month we connect new services, refine new features, opening up for you all the new possibilities of service on a subscription basis.

  • Advice and help in setting up

    For the most effective use of all functions of the service, we offer advice on setting up both a technical specialist and a marketer.


If you want to hear how useful LeadBox is also by voice - call

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